Exciting Innovations Follow the Prevalence of GSM-Based Services

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Exciting Innovations Follow the Prevalence of GSM-Based Services

Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is proving its calibre in some pretty awesome ways. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are harnessing the versatility of this communication medium and using it to enhance their services. 

Smart companies are enjoying the increased speed, extensive coverage, and enhanced security that GSM-based services offer. 

Let’s take a closer look.


With an extensive infrastructure already in place, GSM-based logistics tracking services offer plenty of advantages.

An article from Spectos highlights some of these features. 

“Supply chains of postal and logistics companies are usually composed of many partners and companies. In these complex networks, a lack of transparency regarding processes in the various areas of responsibility is common, and the causes of loss times often lie in the dark. 

“GSM trackers enable precise insights into delivery, handover, sorting and logistics processes within complex networks.”

Insurance companies too, can leverage the power of GSM technology having access to critical logistics information such as location, light changes, temperature, driver actions, and other factors that could affect a claim. 

Car rental companies make use of hidden GSM devices to track vehicle conditions and location in real-time, reducing theft and misuse. 

Personal Safety

Sadly, South Africans are in dire need of safety devices for themselves, their homes, and their vehicles. This need has given rise to a host of GSM-based services centering around effective personal safety. 

German company Funkel speaks about the features of their GSM personal security system

“The GSM personal emergency signal device gsm-s has a large, red emergency call button (pressure alarm) as well as a high-quality sensor system for position alarm, time alarm, and quiet alarm (deadman’s control). 

“A cyclical function check (life check), automatic sensor test on registration, and a guard control mode complete the security mechanisms. Of course, all alarm types can be parameterised individually. In the event of an alarm, a voice connection is established, and an alarm SMS is sent, also with a location indication by the in-house localisation transmitters. The central alarm unit can also trigger functions such as “open listening” and “hands-free” or activate the integrated signal transmitter for acoustic localisation.”

TWIG Embody offers a similar wearable device that is ideal for people who work unsociable hours or who travel extensively. It’s also a practical solution for people who live alone, the elderly, or those working in unsafe areas. 

The device can be set up to respond to your specific needs and has sensors that will alert your network in the event of unexpected actions such as falling or immobility.

Financial Services

Mobile banking is becoming more common and widely accepted as a safe and simple solution. 

Thinks Mobility adds another layer to this saying, “As customers interact with the new financial solutions offered by the technology giants, they will need their GSM operators to offer the necessary software to accommodate the developing FinTech market. 

“Services like digital purchasing, daily transactions, paying for utilities, storing credit cards/subscriptions, and more can all be delivered in a single platform – it’s a powerful way to deliver the kind of customer experience that will ensure loyalty and help you strengthen your business models for the long term.”

Here in South Africa, some rural communities may not have access to a physical bank, but this does not need to exclude them from sending and receiving money securely. Mobile wallets built on secure GSM connections allow for cheap and instant access to banking services. 

Retailers and restaurants are also aware of the huge impact of connectivity failure of their card devices and are wisely turning to GSM-based services as a failover. In fact, in some cases, GSM is their preferred connection.

We’ve got you Covered

“As of 2019, 99.7 percent of the population in South Africa had access to the 3G mobile network. 4G/LTE coverage increased significantly from 53 percent in 2015 to 92.8 percent in 2019. This trend was accompanied by rapidly growing smartphone penetration that more than doubled to 91.2 percent over the four-year period from 2016 to 2019.”(Source)

This level of coverage of a stable and robust service makes GSM-based services both practical, affordable, and a necessary step in business growth.

How will you make the best use of the ever-advancing world of GSM? 

Huge Connect is keenly focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses to get the most out of their connectivity options in the most secure and cost-effective way. 

We’d love to help you to enjoy the increasing benefits of GSM-based services for your business. Call us, let’s connect. 

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