FAQ – Does VoIP Trump Landline Telephones?

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FAQ - Does VoIP Trump Landline Telephones

FAQ – Does VoIP Trump Landline Telephones?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on VoIP starts with what VoIP stands for; it’s Voice over Internet Protocol – yes okay, and Internet Protocol describes the process whereby your voice is converted to data so the internet can receive and return it. That means instead of communicating over the copper telephones wires (if there are any left) we talk over the internet.

So, just as your cell phone uses data requiring an internet connection, VoIP systems can now be set up for companies (and homes of course.) That means we can all talk, work and play Fortnight.

The many FAQs on VoIP confirm that this is the way of the future, and it beats landline services hands down. In addition, we’re talking major money savings. Our motto here is; “You focus on MAKING money, Huge will help you SAVE money!”

So, how does it all work?

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The Top Ten FAQ’s on VoIP

1. Is VoIP cheaper than a landline?

You bet and that goes for calls abroad too, the stats say bills are reduced by half (we conservatively say a minimum of 40%). Either way, that’s a major plus.

2. How complicated it is to set up VoIP?

This FAQ on VoIP is actually the number one question (but we thought we’d slip cost in first!) and the answer is; setup can be as simple as a handset or headset for your PC or network equipment, complete with routers and phone adaptors.

3. Does VoIP affect internet speed?

Excellent FAQ on VoIP! And the answer is, hardly – that is to say over the span of an hour of downloading, an hour’s conversation will take less data. Having said that, if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) limits your bandwidth you may need to look at using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection which creates an encrypted pathway on a less secure network such as the public internet – recommendable for companies in the first place.

4. What kind of internet connection is needed?

The bottom line for this FAQ on VoIP is you will need with at least 100 kbps (kilobytes per second) for both the upload and the download.

5. Can I use my computer while communicating via VoIP?

Sure thing. No conflict there.

6. Must I have a computer to use VoIP?

Nope, one can use the landline port. To use a computer, if it doesn’t already have it, your VoIP provider typically provides softphone software to make your computer VoIP-friendly.

7. How good is call quality with VoIP?

A touchy FAQ on VoIP because indeed it used to be a problem but that is certainly is no longer the case. Thanks to the latest VoIP improvements, quality problems boil down to internet speed and connectivity issues. Get that right and your VoIP calls will be just as clear as landline calls.

8. Can I only call other VoIP users?

Yikes, no! That would be a nightmare. You can call anyone with a phone number. Oh, and conference calls are a breeze with VoIP.

9. Can I keep my same business landline number?

This FAQ on VoIP is a mega question with an awesome answer; because yes, yes, yes, you can, and you should. Number portability is the name of the game, so you can port your existing Telkom number to your VoIP provider and its business as usual.

10. Can I get a VoIP number?

Of course, just call your VoIP provider, that’s us! We’ll give you a number that is a real telephone number, which we assign to you as a user rather than to a specific phone line. Also called ‘virtual phone numbers’, in the industry FYI, which is another FAQ on VoIP, we refer to as access numbers or direct inward dialling.

Best News Ever

We know that anyone with a head for effective business will want to switch to VoIP with its cost savings and unmatched versatility, so, Huge Connect will do a FREE cost analysis on call charges and a VoIP feasibility study. On average and dependent on your current call profiles, you can expect savings of up to 40%  on mobile, fixed and international calls using VoIP. There are a lot more FAQ’s on VoIP of course, so please know that we welcome not just your business but also your enquiries and any other way we can help make the transition to VoIP a pleasure for you and your team.

Visit Huge Connect at www.hugeconnect.co.za or call us on +27 878 200 220.

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