Here’s Why You Need The Best Business Internet Connection In The Business!

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Here’s Why You Need The Best Business Internet Connection In The Business!

Imagine trying to conduct your business without an Internet connection. I know, right? I mean, is that even a thing? Is it even possible to succeed in today’s highly competitive market without a reliable, working, always on business Internet connection? The answer to that is surely a loud and resounding “NO!”

Let’s face it, your Internet connection is like the central nervous system of your business. If it’s not working, your entire company is paralysed. You can’t check emails, respond to website queries, address social media comments and questions, track customer orders…You can’t even answer the phone if  you’ve  got an IP phone.

A Business Internet Connection Helps Your Employees

Your business Internet connection drives virtually every aspect essential to the operation of your company. Except possibly the making of coffee, but who knows – in the future, we could see smart kettles too! But let’s think about your employees for a minute. How many Internet-enabled devices do they use every day to do their jobs properly? At least two (phone and computer), possibly more. If these devices can’t access a reliable, high-speed connection, it directly affects your employees’ productivity – as well as the levels of customer service they’re able to offer.

In addition, the Internet makes it easy to set up important virtual meetings with travelling employees through a video conferencing system. However, this needs a connection speed of at least 25 Mbps. Can’t do that if your Internet’s down.

A Business Internet Connection Helps Your Company

Your company’s Internet connection, if working properly, is like your most valuable employee. It gives you unprecedented access to global trends and provides vital information about your competitors. It levels the playing fields between small businesses and corporate giants, allowing both to leverage its many advantages equally.

And if you’re starting a new business, you know how important it is to establish a client base as quickly as possible. The Internet means anyone can enjoy huge exposure on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – even if you have a very limited budget. This kind of marketing simply isn’t possible with traditional methods.


Most people visit a company’s website before buying its products or services. Problems with your hosting or server could mean your site doesn’t display properly or fails to display at all. This could cost you heavily in terms of lost customers.


Communicating regularly with customers is one of the most important aspects of good customer service. Emailing newsletters, responding to queries, sending quotes, and updating on the status of orders is all done via email.

Automated Services

The automation of services that previously needed a manual operation – such a bookkeeping and payroll, for example – saves both time and money. Many services can also be outsourced to virtual PA’s. A reliable, high-speed data connection means relevant information can free-flow seamlessly in real time, regardless of the physical location of the company or the person performing the service.

How Managed Internet Services Benefit Your Business

Ok, so you can see why having a reliable, always-on business Internet connection is so important. But how do you go about actually making that happen? How can you be sure that the service provider you choose will give you everything you need?

At Huge Connect, we understand that, as a business owner, you don’t just need a rinky-dink little router stuck in a corner somewhere. You need data storage, website hosting and the flexibility and convenience of IP telephony. You also need to leverage the power of the Cloud so you can enjoy the freedom that comes with a hosted environment and gain access to a comprehensive suite of voice, data and Internet solutions.

What you don’t need is the hassle of dealing with multiple telecoms suppliers. You need a consolidated service with all the products you need, bundled into one convenient package. In other words, you need to talk to us! In addition to the convenience and security of using one service provider, you also get uniterrupted Internet connectivity.  Our GSM Data Services means there is no such thing as downtime – imagine what that could do for your company’s productivity?

If you want a business Internet connection you can count on – 24 hours a day – chat to us.

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