How To Make Satellite Connectivity Work For Your Business

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How To Make Satellite Connectivity Work For Your Business

How To Make Satellite Connectivity Work For Your Business

Reliable, fast, dependable broadband is no longer a nice-to-have for business, it’s an absolute necessity. It connects you to your customers, employees, and service providers, and it brings remote offices together to facilitate effective, fast decision-making to improve customer service delivery. Whether you need VoIP, POS (point of sale) applications, Internet of Things (IoT) device connectivity, VPN or SaaS applications, you need to be well-connected. In other words, you need satellite connectivity, which reaches where other broadband can’t.

Currently, most businesses today use either ADSL or fibre connectivity. Both are great options, giving you reliable, always on internet that allows you to run your business efficiently, any time of the day or night. But they do have a few limitations that make them impractical for businesses that operate in remote or rural locations, or in dangerous, temporary areas, such as construction sites. Fibre cables, for example, are time-consuming and fairly expensive to lay. In volatile environments, communications networks that rely on any kind of ground cables are vulnerable to damage. This is why more and more businesses in these kinds of locations rely on satellite connectivity to keep them in touch with their world.

The truly great thing about a satellite-based Internet connection is that it’s available to anyone. The only criterion is that you have to be located somewhere on Earth! As long as you meet that, you’re good to go! A small dish (outside) and a router (inside) are the only bits of tech you need to send and receive your broadband signal over 35 000kms into space.

Key Benefits For Business Of Satellite Connectivity

Location Independence

This is truly one of the most significant advantages of using satellite links. No matter where you are – even if you’re very remote or rural – satellite internet, with 4G LTE connections, keeps your employees and equipment connected in the most challenging terrains or environments. This is a game-changer for companies with offices in areas where terrestrial communications options are limited, or that regularly interact with clients, suppliers or service providers in countries on the opposite side of the world.


Satellite communication is significantly quicker than anything else available. Light moves through space almost 50 percent faster than through fibre optic glass cables. This means reduced lag in long-distance communications, such as video conferencing and internet voice calls. In addition, unlike the first satellite options available, today’s solutions offer speeds of up to 25Mbps x 3Mbps. This provides more than enough capacity for users to share video or large data files, and connect into collaboration apps.

Highly Cost Effective

Fibre optic cables are incredibly expensive to install – anywhere between R135 000 and R1.4m per two kilometres. This is why the technology is only ever likely to be available in high-density, affluent residential and commercial areas with high uptake. With satellite connectivity, the communications satellites are already in space – you don’t have to pay for one to be launched! You just need a dish and a router.


Reliable service is vital if you want to run your business online. While ADSL and fibre connections are extremely reliable, whenever you have hundreds of kilometres of cabling to contend with, numerous opportunities for outages can occur. Satellite networks are built for resiliency, and only comprise a handful of components. The chances of a network outage are, therefore, significantly reduced. As long as the power stays on, so does your connection.

Is Your Business Well Connected?

The true beauty of satellite connectivity for business is that you have a huge variety of plans available. The secret is finding a technology partner to build a bespoke, satellite-based internet solution and service that fits your specific business needs. All without charging astronomical prices, forcing you to commit to a lengthy contract, or making you sign up for something that doesn’t offer what you need in terms of usage and speed. Make sure you choose a connectivity partner who can deliver path diversity, continuous coverage and fast connections.

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