Cloud Services (including hosted PBX)

Cloud Services For Your SME – No Longer Pie In The Sky!

With the obvious exception of product quality and customer service, telecommunication is probably the single most important part of ensuring the longevity and success of your business. Without reliable internet connectivity and uninterrupted uptime, your business soon suffers.

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are moving applications into the Cloud. The Cloud is particularly attractive for SMEs because you have full access to a complete suite of voice and data solutions, saving you money coupled with increased flexibility and reliability. By using Cloud services, you don’t have to worry about unmanageable upfront costs, unexpected (and costly) hardware upgrades, technically savvy in-house staff or expensive technology which becomes obsolete before you’ve even finished paying for it.

Migrating your applications and services into a hosted environment makes you far more competitive in our modern world of business. Which adds to your bottom line.

At Huge Connect, we offer a range of Cloud-based services that have one key purpose – to simplify your life and boost your business. Take a look at these great offerings:

Cloud Telephony And SIP

The relentless march of technology means our markets are becoming more and more global. To stay competitive, you have to make sure you have telecommunications technology that progresses as your business does. SMEs like yours need the same reliable, advanced communication systems as large corporations, but without the frustrating complexity and high costs.

What Is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a virtual PBX hosted in the cloud that is able to make voice calls over the internet. I.e. you no longer require expensive, high maintenance on-site PABX system at your offices. The system allows for remote management and can be adapted to meet all your requirements. All the telephone handsets are physically connected to your local area network (LAN) at the office via an Ethernet connection. These handsets then connect to the hosted (cloud) PBX typically via your internet connection.

Placing your telephone system in the cloud provides you with a huge amount of flexibility.  Should you relocate your offices, no problem, once you have an internet connection at the new site, you are immediately reconnected with all the same credentials.  The main aim of Cloud Telephony is to increase flexibility and redundancy as well as reduce costs without sacrificing quality, which is why it’s the perfect solution for SMEs.

What Is SIP?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol that allows us to convert your traditional analogue PABX into a digital PABX. In other words, we transform your on-site PABX and enable it to make digital voice calls over the internet resulting in huge cost savings.

Huge Connect Voice

Huge Connect Voice and TELVIVA® offer Cloud telephony and SIP solutions, meaning you can get on with your business while trusting us to look after your telephony.  You can even keep your existing landline telephone number. Offering outstanding value for money, our systems give you significant savings on call costs, with only a small initial capital outlay.

Thanks to our proactive management and monitoring, you don’t need the in-house technical expertise that you would normally require for complex traditional PBX or legacy systems.

Other key benefits include:

  • Low set up, installation and maintenance costs.
  • Monthly subscription with flexible contracts (month-to-month) and no hidden costs
  • Easy to understand interface for easy administration
  • Reliable and dependable – your hosted system is maintained and monitored 24/7
  • Convenient – calls can be answered on your laptop, even in remote locations, or forwarded to a cell phone.
  • Eco-friendly – sharing information online reduces paper waste and cuts travel costs.
  • Excellent range of features
  • Free ongoing software upgrades
  • Free calls between your connected branches and any other company on the TELVIVA® platform
  • Hosted PBX means you keep your number irrespective of where you relocate within South Africa
  • Video conferencing

If you prefer to host and manage it yourself, Huge Connect Voice and TELVIVA® can be set up to operate in your own private cloud. If you’re looking for greater control, flexibility, cost-savings and a wide range of features Huge Connect Voice and TELVIVA® from Connection Telecom® is the ideal choice.

ISP Services

Huge Connect offers traditional, full-service ISP services, including Internet data (Capped and uncapped solutions), Website hosting and virtual domain hosting services. Talk to us and we will help design a solution that will work for you.

Data Centre Services

Increasingly, companies are making the move away from individual on-site servers to cloud-hosted systems. With most SMEs totally reliant on the Internet for productivity, extended periods of downtime, power or air-conditioning failures, as well as a large-scale data breach, can be crippling for a small business. Hosting on-site requires additional resources to translating to additional cost.

You simply cannot afford not to make provision for where to house your servers, data and applications. Your ultimate decision has a significant impact on your ability to scale, the performance of your applications and, of course, on your expenses.

When you use data centre services from Huge Connect, you know you’re getting 100% uptime, diverse cooling systems, UPS support and so much more. The perceived convenience of running your own server room so that all your servers are on site and close by fades in comparison to the many advantages provided by an outsourced solution.

We offer three business hosting solutions:

Dedicated Hosting (VM’s or Colocation Hosting)

When it comes to the kind of rack space hosting you require, we understand that your company’s needs vary during the course of the year. Our services are completely flexible and include shared rack space, dedicated rack space in quarter, half and full rack capacity. Alternatively, we will sit with you to design a bespoke managed rack space solutions to suit your unique needs.

cPanel Hosting

A Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website. cPanel provides capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.

Mail Hosting

Most web hosting companies offer email hosting, but these are usually limited to POP3 email and very basic spam filters and virus protection. As an SME, you need high-end mail hosting services from a dedicated professional. At Huge Connect, we offer affordable hosting with a wide range of attractive benefits, including autoresponders, vigorous spam and virus protection, IMAP/POP3, online storage, archiving, folder and contacts management, and much more.

As a small business owner, you have some big decisions to make. Thankfully, this isn’t one of them. Join the host of smart SMEs who are opting for affordable, comprehensive and robust technical solutions.