WiFi and Firewalls

Managed Wi-Fi And Firewall Services For Your SME

Having an in-office Wi-Fi system is essential in today’s office and offers many advantages, including considerable savings on data costs, as well as improved productivity. Employees can work from anywhere within your office building – a conference room or another employee’s office, for example – instead of being tethered to their desk. A wireless office is much simpler to organise and set up, as office layout no longer has to be configured around wires, cables and connection points.

Mobile Wi-Fi is also becoming essential for employees who work remotely, or when others are out of the office for meetings. Working on an open Wi-Fi network from a coffee shop or hotel, for example, can put the security of your data at risk. A mobile hotspot is easy to use and offers greater security.

At Huge Connect, we offer a variety of Wi-Fi levels for your business. Enjoy secure connections from your card terminals to the banks, provide Wi-Fi connectivity to your customers or offer your customer’s clients a hotspot to connect to the Internet. All our Wi-Fi devices have built-in firewalls, which we manage remotely on your behalf. We also have higher spec firewalls (excluding Wi-Fi) if your base model needs upgrading.

Benefits of Wi-Fi And Firewall For Your SME

The most effective firewall solutions for your SME block any unauthorised access to your information or applications. They prevent the disruption of business-critical services due to security breaches, making sure your customer service and employee productivity levels remain constant. Unlike locally-installed anti-virus software, a firewall protects everyone connected to your network. This is an increasingly important consideration in today’s world where more and more businesses have fluid workspaces – and cybercrime is on the rise. Your business’ security is paramount!

A firewall has many benefits, including:

  • Scanning all file downloads
  • Preventing employees from unknowingly downloading hidden viruses while browsing.
  • Recording any harmful, unproductive or otherwise suspicious employee online activity.
  • Protecting your network against employees visiting dubious websites, or attempting to run file-sharing software that might open up their computer to intruders.

Why Do I Need A Managed Service?

Basically, if you or your employees access the internet, you need the protection of a firewall. This means that you also need someone to install, monitor and upgrade your system, as well as analyse logs in the event of an incident. In other words, you need a managed firewall service from Huge Connect. It’s getting more and more complicated to ensure your business’ data is secure. Small businesses simply don’t have the resources to employ a dedicated in-house team of highly skilled IT security professionals. This is why a managed Wi-Fi and Firewall service is the ideal way for SMEs to make sure they are properly protected without having to invest in staff, software and equipment.

A managed Wi-Fi and Firewall service from Huge Connect means that we do all the hard work for you. We provide, install and deploy the latest security protocols, as well as take care of all your hardware requirements, licences, configuration, maintenance, support and ongoing management. It’s simply the easiest way to enjoy complete peace of mind about your data security. With our managed firewall system, you get constant, 24/7 monitoring, meaning any potential threats are identified and neutralised before they impact your network availability or business operation.

With a managed Wi-Fi and Firewall solution from Huge Connect, you know you’re ready to meet any challenges to your data security head-on.

Please talk to us today about how we can get you set up, quickly and securely.

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