Afgri Equipment

Afgri Equipment supply the world’s leading equipment brands, including tractors, combines, TLB’s, telehandlers, wheeled loaders, planters, balers, sprayers, mowers, spreaders, graders, loaders, post hole diggers and GPS based precision agricultural equipment.  Afgri Equipment prides themselves on excellent after-sale service, repairing and servicing all the equipment they sell. No machine can function without a reliable supply of spare parts and Afgri Equipment strives to make parts as accessible and readily available as possible. Huge Connect partnered with Afgri Equipment and implemented a Hosted Voice solution for all of Afgri Equipment branches, thereby ensuring high availability and voice call savings.  Voice is strategically important for Afgri Equipment.  In agriculture, an equipment breaks-down can amount to enormous financial implications, and thus spares and time are of the essence.  By utilising the Huge Connect Hosted PBX facility, an Afgri Equipment Staff Member is always available to assist with parts and repairs in emergencies.

Afgri Equipment is benefiting from the stability and scalability of the Huge Hosted PBX Solution, Huge saving on call costs, free inter-branch calls, high availability and a Huge reduced monthly bill.  Calls can also be diverted to a softphone as per user requirement.  In busy seasons, the Huge Hosted PBX is scalable and branches telephone lines and extensions can be increased or decreased in a very short period of time. In the event of a disaster, calls can be diverted to cell phones or other premises with connectivity.  Redundancy is offered on all our solutions if available.