Spinnaker Software

Spinnaker Software (incorporating Arch) is a retail management solutions and service provider.  They started as a small family business in 1997, growing into a market leader in retail and wholesale management solutions with a team of more than 230 people.

Arch Products (“Arch”) offers an integrated retail management solution which is rich in functionality to give Users an Edge, increase operational efficiency, profitability and ultimately cash flow.  To ensure Arch Users have the Edge in a highly competitive and ever evolving retail environment, Spinnaker adopted the Arch Software Assurance Program (“ASAP”).  The program aims to continuously enhance Arch to meet these challenges.

Their accumulated retail industry and technology experience allows them to innovate and deliver high-performance, reliable solutions to their clients.  Working in partnership, we help their clients to optimise operational efficiency and provide the best possible experience for their customers.  The goal is to make our Arch users more competitive and to increase operations’ profitability.

What was the Nature of your communications problems prior to dealing with HC?

The business relationship between Arch and Huge Connect was conceived in 2007, after a meeting between the two companies where Arch expressed their concerns about payment communication problems at some of its retail customers.  Key requirements from Arch include cost effective, secure and redundant communication, which can be delivered efficiently where and when needed.

How did Huge Connect manage to address this problem/issue to improve your situation?

Initially Huge Connect suggested a Proof of Concept at five of the problematic sites, which Arch agreed to.  The subsequent POC was HUGELY successful where after the services remained at all of the identified sites where payment connectivity problems were resolved.  The confidence in Huge Connect grew and more orders were placed on Huge Connect, so much so that all payment communication services are currently sourced through Huge Connect.

After delivering on the basic payment connectivity requirements, Huge Connect expanded its service offering to a managed onsite solution, which is based on PCI connectivity standards.  The solution consists of a primary communication, either customer owned or provided by Huge Connect, as well as automatic fail-over services supplied by Huge Connect.  This solution offers secure end-to-end connectivity, not only for the retail store, but also ensures an optimised customer experience for the online shopper through the latest Arch e-store service.

Apart from offering primary payment communication to Arch’s customers, Huge Connect also offer comprehensive solutions that include automatic fail-over, firewall and Internet services.

Up to now, how has your service experience been with Huge Connect?

As part of ASAP, agreements are concluded with specialist companies offering complimentary

products/services. These are included in the Arch offering as an off-the-shelf solution. Assurance

Partners are rigorously vetted ensuring there are shared values and a passion to deliver value to Users. Huge connect, as an Assurance Partner, has over many years passed with flying colours and has become part of the Spinnaker family to ensure our valued clients have the Edge in retail. The relationship has with time been solidified through mutual trust and respect in the partnership.