The Advantages of Combined Voice and Data Connectivity Services

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The Advantages of Combined Voice and Data Connectivity Services

Just a few short years ago, who would have thought that your watch would monitor how long you wash your hands for? Could you have guessed that your phone would be able to track your movements and send detailed health reports to your doctor? 

The merging of seemingly disparate technologies has resulted in exciting innovations that have changed the face of business. Plus, they just make sense.

In the same way, voice and data connectivity used to be separate offerings but now find themselves logically partnered up in a single service package.

What are the benefits of merging these two technologies, and how will it affect your business?

Voice and Data Connectivity Go Together

When we talk about voice packages, we aren’t referring to expensive and outdated old-school PABX systems. Rather we are talking about a hosted phone system that operates via your internet connection. Hosted PBX, also known as VoIP, is changing the communication landscape and is a key catalyst driving the growth of data connectivity systems here in South Africa.

Advantages of Hosted PBX

Recognised as one of the most economical ways to call, both locally and internationally, VoIP telephony is a fast-growing business. After all, who doesn’t want to cut costs in today’s economic climate?

VoIP packages offer:

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Mobility
  • Cost-effective calling
  • Conference calling
  • Call-forwarding and answering services
  • One number for multiple locations
  • Call reports 

An important benefit of a hosted PBX solution is that your service provider handles all the technical elements of your system, from setup, security, and maintenance. So, you have a scalable system that is cheaper and more robust than a traditional landline, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. 

If you have a fast and stable internet connection, then you don’t need a landline – it’s as simple as that. 

The Best Data Connectivity Solutions

With ADSL being phased out, service providers are in a hurry to roll out fibre connections into the areas that don’t yet have. This is certainly a mammoth task, and if you’re not in a location that is fibre-ready just yet then be patient, it is on its way. 

In the meantime, LTE business packages are widely available and 5G in South Africa is spreading fast. Remote areas have mobile options, but some find that a satellite connection is just what they need. 

Voice Plus Data Connectivity?

We know that we need fast and robust data connectivity to compete in today’s business arena. We are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to shift away from “the way it’s always been done” and find the best voice solution to cut costs and keep our team and customers seamlessly connected. 

So, why not keep these two essential services under a single umbrella? 

Until fairly recently this hasn’t been an option. Landlines were prolific and necessary as the connectivity speed to accommodate data calling simply wasn’t there.  Internet service providers were doing their best with the technology available but oftentimes, “best-effort” wasn’t enough to allow us to run a successful business.

With the internet speed and stability, we’re now enjoying, a hosted PBX system for any sized business is a no brainer. What, then, are the benefits of voice and data connectivity from a single service provider?

Benefits of Combined Data and Voice

The advantages of data and voice as bedfellows are many. Consider these:

  • Service. Our data customers know that our service levels are consistently high and that they can trust our team to ensure maximum up-time. Likewise, our voice customers rely on us to keep them connected to their customers, no matter what.

When you find a service provider who gives the level of service that you deserve, well, you tend to hang onto them. If you don’t need to go elsewhere for your voice system, why would you?


  • Costs. Our team here at Huge Connect are keenly focused on benefiting small businesses which we know are the backbone of the South African economy. To this end, we have put together packages that we know will work for them, while at the same time saving them money. 


  • Various contract terms. We don’t believe in tying our customers down to unnecessarily long contracts, just for the sake of it.  You should be free to choose the most effective solution for your business.  Our customers stay with us because we give them what they want.
  • Single point of contact. Have you ever tried to fix a problem and each party involved blames the other? It’s incredibly frustrating and adds a hefty communication overhead to something that should have an easy solution. 

Once you’ve linked your data connectivity service with your voice service under one provider, you’ll find that this is no longer an issue. In many cases, our technical team can prevent a problem before it arises.

We appreciate that change is hard and that there may be new tech out there that you don’t fully understand or see how it can benefit your business. 

When it comes to voice and data connectivity, the Huge team knows their stuff. Let us take care of the technical issues, save you some money, and give you the fastest and most reliable service available; all you need to do is focus on your business. 

Call us on +27 878 200 220.

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