The Fixed LTE Story

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The Fixed LTE Story

In this day and age, everyone needs to be connected to the Internet if they want to start and run a successful business, connect with customers, stay in touch with friends and family, and manage their personal lives. It’s almost a non-negotiable as more and more aspects of human life digitises. 

Consider the act of popping out to the shops for bread and milk. In South Africa, we’ve seen that it’s quickly becoming cheaper to place an order for groceries to be delivered to your door using an app, rather than using fuel to drive to the shops or paying for transport there and back.

A significant barrier to joining and thriving in the digital revolution is access to and the cost of connectivity. Thankfully, there has been a significant rise in more affordable connectivity solutions, including fixed LTE (FLTE) – a service that is helping to close the gap between those who are connected and those who are not.

This is the story of Fixed LTE and in this post we’re going to highlight three main points: 

1. Defining What Fixed LTE Is
2. What Is Meant By ‘Fixed LTE Service’?
3. How Does A Fixed LTE Service Work?

As a bonus, we’ll reveal the update to our own Huge Connect Fixed LTE Solution. 

  1. Defining What Fixed LTE Is

Let’s start with what LTE stands for. Simply, LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, while the word ‘fixed’ means that the connection is fixed to the closest tower. 

From a technical perspective, FLTE is a wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals, based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/ HSPA technologies.

The main difference between FLTE and LTE is that LTE allows you to connect to any tower with the ability to roam, while FLTE is a high-speed Internet connection available if you’re connected to towers that have been allocated for this particular use.

Essentially, FLTE is a connectivity solution that offers a wireless high-speed internet connection designed to work from a set location, like your office or home. 

  1. What Is Meant By ‘Fixed LTE Service’?

An FLTE Service is the package provided by service providers, like Huge Connect. The service you opt for will determine the speed of your connection, the stability and reliability of your connection, the data cap, and of course, the price per month that you’ll pay. 

The service that you choose will ultimately depend on your needs. Here is where our consultants shine, by asking the right questions and examining the demands that your business or home places on your connection. 

  1. How Does A Fixed LTE Service Work?

To put it as simply as possible, FLTE uses radio waves transmitted by a cell tower to foster an internet connection. To better understand this, consider how other connectivity solutions, like ADSL and fibre use some form of in-ground wiring to transmit internet signals. FLTE, on the other hand, relies instead on an exterior antenna to provide your business and home with a speedy connection. 

Rather than having to fuss with a tiresome cable installation, all you’ll need is an antenna (typically installed on the roof) which acts as a modem and a radio receiver/transmitter, and a WiFi Router, which will take the connection from the antenna and supply it to your devices.

The benefits of a fixed LTE service include wider coverage, faster speeds, and better reliability. Moreover, while it’s all the speed and capacity that you get with fibre, you won’t have to suffer through the hassle of digging up your property. 

It’s the very definition of ‘plug and play’ Internet, because all you need to do is plug in your FLTE router and go.

The Huge Connect Fixed LTE Solution

At Huge Connect we have risen to the occasion and launched our improved fixed LTE offering. The improvements made to our FLTE service now means that customers have the opportunity to pay for what they use and not make payments based on set bundles with an allotted rate per gigabyte (GB).

What this means is that you’ll only pay for what you use when you use it, at the best pricing per GB possible. In this way, we can help our customers avoid committing to higher bundles for better rates if they don’t want to, as well as avoiding carry overs, top ups, or being penalised for using more data. 

Here’s a snapshot of how you’ll benefit from the Huge Connect Fixed LTE service:

  • Only pay for data when you use it. 
  • Proactive monitoring on the status of your Primary and Fixed LTE Backup Link. 
  • Ability to aggregate backup data usage across your multiple sites. 
  • Seamlessly connect over to the Huge Connects Fixed LTE network as a backup link when your Primary Broadband Access Link fails or is temporarily unavailable.

We pride ourselves on taking care of everything for our customers, offering you one point of reference, one bill, and just one call to us in case anything goes wrong. 

If you’re interested in exploring how fixed LTE could work for your business, connect with us today.

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