The Huge Difference

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The Huge Difference

In 2004, Huge Connect was established to provide South African businesses with a range of telecommunications solutions. We have a wealth of experience relating to the provision of communication services and solutions. Our teams continuously strive to be innovative, ensuring that our customers’ needs are fulfilled. This thinking has transformed the way we do business and empowered us to create cutting-edge platforms that can better manage the solutions we provide. 

To date, we have deployed fully managed, customised solutions to our customers across multiple verticals – including agriculture, finance, fuel & oil, retail, security, transport, and logistics.

But what does this mean when it comes down to it? How do we help our clients and how are we the better choice for you and your business?

5 Huge Ways We Make a Difference

Here’s a snapshot of the 5 Huge ways our approach can enhance your business:

1. We have an extensive footprint – We’re capable of providing installation and maintenance services throughout South Africa and into Africa, with our Head Office in Centurion, branches in major metropolitan cities/Towns, and a network of technicians and support partners in a multitude of small towns. We have also partnered with strategic partners in our neighbouring countries and some further away to provide GSM-based services. 

2. A proven track record – For our local GSM service offering, our network architecture is 100% redundant, meaning that we’re able to provide extremely reliable solutions with little-to-no downtime. Additionally, our uniquely developed and intuitive processes ensure that you can implement our connectivity solutions quickly and with minimal resources.

3. Technical prowess – In addition to our network engineers who are always available to facilitate maximum uptime and assist in the design and implementation of the integration between your business our networks, our call centre operates under extended office hours so that you always have the support that you need.

4. Innovative and always on – Not only does the development and deployment of our bespoke technical enhancements improve your overall experience, but we also offer the latest in voice and other cloud services. 

5. Independent and agile – Our operations are designed to give us the fluidity to rapidly adapt to market conditions and customer requirements, and because we’re not affiliated with any specific telecommunication network provider, we’re able to provide a totally unbiased service offering, ensuring that our customers get a solution that fully meets their requirements. 


Our aim is to help enhance your business through smart solutions, coupled with the very best levels of service. Our offering includes mobile GSM-based solutions, fully managed data connectivity solutions, cloud services, and voice solutions.

Here’s a closer look at each service:

GSM Based Solutions

As a leader in secure data communications (over various platforms), compliant with PCI DSS version 3.2.1, we provide the financial and retail sectors with a safe and secure environment in which to play.

Moreover, our mobility solutions are remotely manageable, quick to deploy, and feature secure encrypted data connectivity. Applications include the likes of telemetry, ATM connectivity, remote access, and point of sale (POS), among others.

Fully Managed Data Connectivity Solutions 

Looking for secure, reliable and managed data communication solutions? Huge Connect to the rescue! We specialise in providing managed wide area network solutions that consist of multiple access mediums, including fibre, Satellite, Microwave, Fixed LTE, Firewall solutions, Software Defined Networks (SDN), and many more.

Our approach gives you guaranteed connectivity through a state-of-the-art network to all parts of the country, with availability, resiliency, and security in the end-to-end connectivity solution. Essentially, we offer a private ‘MPLS’ network that’s built on a multitude of connectivity solutions, without the exorbitant costs associated with MPLS networks.

Cloud and Voice Services

Most businesses in South Africa are undergoing a digital transformation, which includes implementing cloud services that will streamline their operations and facilitate their teams working anywhere, any time, across most devices.

To that end, we offer: 

  • IP telephony and Hosted PBX solutions: Gain greater control, flexibility, savings, and a wide range of features and benefits – including clever call routing, video conferencing, free ongoing software upgrades, and user-friendly interfaces. 
  • ISP Services: Get traditional, full-service ISP services, including dedicated Internet access, branch connectivity, web and virtual domain hosting, server co-location, and network-related professional solutions (design, installation, management, etc.) 
  • Huge Connect Voice (Telkom Landline Equivalent): A fixed location GSM-based telephone system which provides a reliable and agile telecommunication solution with high-quality voice calls. The solution also gives customers the ability to have their own geographical number, in other words, you can link a Telkom land line number to this solution – which is an all-important requirement for businesses.

There’s so much more we can tell you about our services and how these can be built into a customised solution that will result in increased productivity, better efficiencies, and a service provider who always delivers top quality, friendly and professional customer service and support.

To find out, simply connect with us and let us help you today.

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