The Huge Potential In Electric Cars And POS Connectivity

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The Huge Potential In Electric Cars And POS Connectivity

The European Union has planned to phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035, and excitingly, this hasn’t gone unnoticed on our shores. South Africa has responded with an acceleration in the e-mobility sector by stimulating the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in the domestic market. Case in point, last year, we saw multiple car manufacturers announcing their plans to shift from ICEs to full or hybrid EVs over the next 10 (or 20) years.

It might have seemed a far off dream that we would have electric cars on our roads, particularly as South Africa is behind the curve on EVs – with only six cars on the market to choose from. If not a dream, the consumer perception tends to favour the idea that electric cars are toys for the monied elite to play with. They’re not far off, given that the cheapest so far is the Mini Cooper SE, with a starting price of R658,000.

However, the proof of an increase in interest and development is in the market. There are already more manufacturers launching EVs locally. In fact, we’ve seen confirmations of at least 13 new EV models launching in 2022 from Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. 

Yes, EVs are soon enough going to be in reach for more South Africans and so, too, are the opportunities that will come along with this expanding industry. For example, there are opportunities for the development of smart grids to provide renewable energy to combat the chronic power shortages in Africa (not to mention reduce emissions and meet climate targets).

Excitingly, there are also connectivity opportunities of which Huge Connect can help you take advantage. 

Where’s the Opportunity?

On the face of it, the main opportunity seems to be the building of charging stations. While this is certainly a key (and dare we say, obvious) space to occupy, there’s another interesting gap in the market and that’s the provision of payment points at these stations with real time connectivity to payment platforms/banks. 

After all, it stands to reason that the drivers charging their cars will need a transaction point that offers a seamless payment process. Herein lies a wealth of opportunities to unlock innovative transactions and beyond. 

Unlocking Powerful POS Connectivity 

The POS industry has upgraded a lot in the last few years, giving way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and providing consumers with convenient, fast means of transacting – and providing business owners with access to agile, flexible, and user-friendly systems that are equipped for seamless e-Commerce integration.

Take Cloud-based POS and mobile payment solutions, for a start. These technologies offer customers with innovative payment solutions that are safe, as well as features and the latest security and encryption technology to protect customer information. Moreover, this payment solution proffers greater visibility of who your customers are, what they want, and their buying patterns – all of which holds immense potential.

Imagine developing a payment solution at charging stations that connects with your customers’ cars, tracking mileage and power consumption, and sending prompts about where their closest charging station that offers your particular POS system. This leads to potential partnerships with charge stations, loyalty programmes, and more.

In short, the right POS connectivity solution could very well be an enabler in building more charging stations, exploding the smart and intuitive payment and driving relationship between consumer and service provider, and in so doing, further stimulate the EV market in South Africa.

The Potential Is Unlimited

When you consider this one rather rudimentary example we’ve described, the role that POS Connectivity solutions can play in the electric car industry becomes a thrilling possibility. 

Huge Connect is exactly the right partner to help you on this innovative journey. Together we can develop a solution that could quite literally revolutionise how South Africans power up and drive. 

Are you interested in reviewing your business’ connectivity capabilities? Do you want to see what the future holds in the realm of POS solutions?

Let’s Connect. 

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