The Internet of Everything is Everything Your Business Needs

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The Internet of Everything is Everything Your Business Needs

The Internet of Everything is Everything Your Business Needs

We watch the weather report so that we know how to dress. We place our trust in financial analysts so that we know where to put our hard-earned Rands. We keep an ear toward what political consultants have to say so we have an idea of the state of the country. It seems that we are hardwired to tune into what is to come so that we can be in the best position when the inevitable occurs – be it rain or economic collapse. If you are in business then, we are certain that you are aware of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the effect that it is likely to have on your business.

“Now that digital is embedded in everything we do, every business needs its own flavor of digital strategy…Digital is not an option, not an add-on, and not an afterthought; it is the new reality that requires a comprehensive digital leadership.” This comment from Dave Aron, Research VP of Gartner was written over five years ago, and it’s truer today than ever.

What was he referring to?

What is the Internet of Everything (IoE)?

Understanding exactly what the IoE is, helps us to understand the foundation of its importance in our fast-paced, modern world. IoE consists not just of connected devices but includes the people, processes and data that come together to present brand new opportunities for every single business in the world.

The IoE is the umbrella term which includes your pc, smartphone and Fitbit, driverless cars, vehicle registration cameras, e-tolls, online banking, air conditioning, traffic lights, smart homes, air traffic control, bitcoin – you get the picture. It also includes you, the way you interact with these devices, the data that comes from their sensors and everything in between that makes them work. While the IoT includes anything that can be given a unique identifier and the ability to transmit data, the IoE goes one step further and includes user-generated communications and interactions.

It is this giant digital connection that Dave Aron was referring to back in 2013.

How Does IoE Affect Business?

Many business owners are content to carry on as they are, doing things the way that they always have and expecting the same result. However, unless all you do is make bread the way grandma used to make, then you can be certain that there will come a time when your competition will walk away with your customers.

Why is that?

The IoE means that people are connecting in new ways which are faster, more relevant and more efficient. The data that comes from these billions of connected devices gives us information on an unprecedented scale – big data – which helps to shape and improve our products, services and processes. The delivery of this information at the right time to the right device or person is a vital process whereby insights into the how, why and when allows businesses to make valuable changes as needed.

Essentially, if you are not part of the IoE, or at the very least not using the data that is being generated by this beast, then you are going to be left behind. Customers’ expectations are higher than ever; they want it all, and they want it now.

The foundational premise of the IoE is information. The more you know, the more data you have access to, the better your decisions will be. These decisions can be made and actioned faster than ever, allowing forward-thinking business people the agility to grab Business Moments and act on them immediately. The IoE is the inside man, the mole if you will, that grants you access into the minds of your customers.

It can be hard to keep up with technology. We get that. And the big data that everyone wants access to can be overwhelming. However, whatever your needs are, the essential first step is to get connected. Yes, you may have a copper line and a router, but if you are going to jump into the IoE then you need the fastest, most reliable internet connection available in your area. That’s where we come in, and we are looking forward to chatting with you.

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