The Reality of Relocating Your Business

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The Reality of Relocating Your Business

The moment you realise your home office is simply getting too small for the number of people required to support your burgeoning business; that’s a great day indeed. Relocating your business is an exciting time where you can physically see the metamorphosis of your company from humble beginnings to the empire that it will soon become.

However, who was it that said, “Growth is painful”?

Now, by no means do we want to put a dark cloud over the excitement of this event. Quite the contrary – we want your office relocation to go as smoothly as possible. And that is exactly why we have highlighted a few potential communication glitches which we want to stick a red flag on so that these don’t serve as tripwires for your budding business.

Don’t Leave it too Late

We know that there is a certain company in South Africa which has something of a monopoly in the world of telecoms. If you are moving a landline then you should consider giving them as much notice as you can so that they can schedule in the move of your landline. Remember, if your phone, internet and email are down for any length of time, our fickle customer base may well just assume you’re closed and go somewhere else. If you can give exact dates for the move then that would be ideal, and of course, try and schedule it for your least busy day. Having said that, there is absolutely no guarantee that your service provider will comply with your request and it would be a good idea to have a backup communications plan.

Moving Area?

If you are relocating to an area with a different dialling code or a new number prefix, you will have to apply for a new number. This means that you will need to plan to send out communication to all your customers and suppliers informing them of your change of number well in advance of your move. (Here’s hoping that you have your new number before the movers start uplifting the desks!)

Count the Cost

When asking to move a line or for a new number for your business, be sure to check the costs involved. Nobody wants to be slapped with an unexpected bill which sets their world domination plans back another quarter. We would also advise that you keep a tight hold of all your communications with your current telecoms provider so that you aren’t getting billed twice or incorrectly.

Would You Rather Skip These Problems Altogether!

If the thought of relocating your office telecom system has you reaching for a brown paper packet, you’ll be happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s brilliant to know that the traditional headaches and frustrations of moving offices are a thing of the past. Well, they can be if you’re making great, well-informed decisions!

Hosted PBX or an IP based phone system takes the mission out of moving. Cloud-based telecom systems allow you supreme flexibility. Imagine this:

  • Keep your business number – no matter where you go. No need to contact customers and confuse them with new numbers or talk-down an irate supplier who hasn’t been able to get in touch with you. Your number goes with you wherever you go – anywhere in the country.
  • Plug and play. Don’t worry about giving notice to your landline service provider (who may or may not action your request.) Simply unplug your digital phones in your old office and plug them into your computer on the other side. Job done.
  • No hidden costs. No nasty surprises here. With a hosted telecom system, once your connectivity has been set up, your phone works. It’s that simple.

Here at Huge Connect, we have made it our mission to make your life as easy as possible. We have spent a great deal of time and effort discovering exactly what our customers need, and we have formulated exactly this.

We know that small businesses need an always-on, reliable phone and internet system which comes at a reasonable price and can scale with you. We also know that you want to be able to talk to someone who can action your requests in the shortest possible time and not get lost in the quagmire of a slow-moving corporate giant. Are you relocating? Let’s connect!

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