Card Terminal Connectivity

Card Terminal Connectivity

Electronic device payments has become essential for trading to all businesses. Not only has this method of payment become essential, but the need for it to be coupled with a reliable connectivity solution ensuring successful transactions is critically vital. 

Huge Connect is a leader in the provisioning and managing of secure data communications to ensure our clients are provided with a robust, reliable connection to meet their needs.

We support clients’ needs for;

  • Point of Sale (POS) transactions
  • Integrated Payments
  • Secure Connectivity

Point of Sale

We provide Data Connectivity Solutions to any size business, from SMEs to large institutions, from telecommunication services for card payments to medical aid verification transactions.

The widely used Point of Sale Terminals we specialise in (but not limited to) for providing connectivity solutions are;

  • GSM /  GPRS Point of Sale Terminals
  • Fixed / Desktop Point of Sale Terminals
  • Wi-Fi Point of Sale Terminals
  • ATM Terminals

Reliable, efficient, cost-effective, tailored, secure data connectivity is but only a small portion to the services on offer to our client. Our unique Connectivity Data Services offer unbeatable features, such as:

  • Secure Encrypted Data Communication;
  • Remotely Manageable;
  • Wide range of connectivity options not limited to GSM only 
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for Point of Sale (POS) terminals;
  • Managed Quick deployment.
  • PCI Compliant and Certified Core Network

Our core network ensures all our clients benefit from a safe and secure online environment.  This is especially relevant for those in the financial services industry, where uncompromising security and reliability are the cornerstone of their offerings to their own clients.