SIP Service

SIP Service

Huge Connect offers SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) business telecommunication service with significant cost savings, greater flexibility and easy scalability. This an SIP service enables businesses to adopt solutions for Unified Communications that include instant messaging and presence, audio/video/web conferencing, unified messaging, mobile software phone apps and more.

The SIP phone service works with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide telephone service over the Internet instead of standard telephone lines. As such, it’s critical to choose Huge Connect in order to also deliver dedicated voice bandwidth, to avoid having voice traffic compete with network traffic and data services. 

SIP Service with Huge Connect.

As a provider of secured data connectivity nationally, we enable businesses to deploy flexible and scalable solutions for Internet, voice, video, cloud and managed network services. Our SIP telecommunication service provides an IP-based voice trunk to connect an IP PBX to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Our SIP trunk is delivered over our wholly managed IP network, providing a dedicated voice bandwidth and the reliability and security of a private connection.

Advantages of Huge Connect SIP Telecommunication service:

  • Ensure compatibility with existing IP PBX equipment through testing and preapproval services to ensure interoperability.
  • Manage voice services with real-time monitoring, secure access to usage details and reporting capabilities.
  • Enjoy greater reliability provided by Huge Connect’s managed IP network with highly competitive SLAs and proactive monitoring 24/7/365.
  • Improve business continuity with alternate call routing in the event of a service disruption.
  • Maximize productivity with Trunk Overflow services to reroute overflow calls.

Features of Huge Connect SIP service:

  • Call Hand-off for seamless switching between different devices
  • Hunt Group where calls are automatically routed to the first available extension in a group
  • One Number irrespective of number of devices (e.g.: Softphone, desk phones, mobile phone or Dect phone)
  • Call Screening that allows different methods of screening incoming calls and choosing desired option like Find me, Transfer, Forward, Send the call to voicemail, Hang up).  
  • Support of Remote Working by enabling the connection of an IP phone or softphone via internet connection only. With all office workstation functions (taking or transferring calls, setting up phone conferences, team members’ presence and status displays) being accessible in exactly the same manner and without limitations.