Secure (PCI compliant) Connectivity for Payment Systems


Secure (PCI compliant) Connectivity for Payment Systems

Huge Connect is a leader in the provision of secure data communications over GSM Data Services. Our core network ensures all our clients benefit from a safe and secure online environment.  This is especially relevant for those in the financial services industry, where uncompromising security and reliability are the cornerstone of their offerings to their own clients.

We provide GSM Data Solutions to any size business, from SMEs to large institutions.  From telecommunication services for card payments to medical aid verification transactions.  These GSM Data Services can be used as failover to access mediums such as xDSL, Fibre or Satellite with user-defined restrictions defining which type of data is permitted to fail over (done to reduce costs).  Huge Connect’s GSM Data Services offer unbeatable features, such as:

• Secure Encrypted Data Communication;
• Remotely Manageable;
• Data speeds up to and including LTE;
• WiFi Connectivity for Point of Sale (POS) terminals;
• Quick deployment.

Common Applications:

• ATM Connectivity;
• Point of Sales (POS);
• Primary or Backup Corporate Connectivity.

Huge Connect has also taken its existing PCI certification to the next level, by developing an on-premise POS Communications Link Solution against the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) V3.2.1.

The new POS Communications Link Solution being accessed allows for the transmission of encrypted cardholder data from the merchant/client across the Huge Connect network to the acquiring banks on the data-link layer.  It is important to note that Huge Connect do not play any role in the encryption / decryption key management process and can therefore at no time access cardholder data.  Huge Connect also do not store or process any cardholder data.