SMEs, We’re At Your Service!

As a small business, you need so much more than just traditional telecommunications services to get started. We live in an increasingly digital age, so additional services, such as storage, hosting and website creation are critical for your business right from the word go. But the last thing you need as a busy SME owner is the hassle of dealing with multiple telecoms suppliers. You need a consolidated service with all the products that you need, bundled into one convenient package.

And when we say convenient, we mean for you! When you choose Huge Connect as your telecommunications provider, you get to choose exactly what you want and how much of it you need. All without costly outlays for hardware and the flexibility with regards to contracts (from month-month to long term contracts).

We take it off your hands – reliably, expertly, and hassle-free.

Why Us?

With us, you get, well, Huge benefits! The South African SME market, is, for the most part, very poorly serviced. That doesn’t happen with us. When you choose Huge Connect to manage your business’ telecommunications, you get reduced admin costs coupled with the convenience of converged services.  We’ll take the time to sit with you to make sure we fully understand your needs so we can tailor our products and services to your specific needs. We also offer modular, reusable products that are completely scalable, and which combine standard converged bundles with bespoke solutions.

Other key benefits include:

  • Secure, high-tech servers. As the undisputed centre for corporate internet traffic in South Africa, Johannesburg is the ideal location for our data centres, giving you superior connection to both local and international internet networks.
  • Anti-Spam software. To counter the virtual tsunami of spam being sent around the world every day, our robust anti-spam software protects both your incoming and outgoing emails with Ninja-style skills and stealth!
  • Access Your email from any location. No matter where you are in the world, you can send and receive emails from any of your hosted email addresses through our easy-access webmail packages.

In short, with Huge Connect, you get exactly what you’ve been looking for: Faster, convenient, more reliable and more affordable business internet and phone services.

What’s All The Fuss About Cloud Telephony Services?

As an SME, you want the advanced functionality of a sophisticated landline telephone system. But you also need your remote employees to be able to access the same phone system. This means your business presents a single identity to your clients, which greatly enhances your professional image. This is why Cloud Telephony services are ideal for your business.

When you use Huge Connect’s Cloud Telephony services, you get a voice system that’s technically advanced and feature-rich. It’s also easy to set up, configure and manage, and is far more cost-effective than traditional landlines. In addition to all these features, you also get, well, nothing! As in, no maintenance headaches and no buying of expensive hardware. We take care of everything else for you – we house, maintain and upgrade all the tech on your behalf. That means minimal upfront costs for you, and a single, affordable monthly fee that covers everything.

Our Cloud Telephony services are also 100% scalable. With a landline, you’re limited to the number of lines you currently have connected. Adding more (if they’re even available) means considerable installation and upgrade costs. With a Cloud system, because it relies only on your Internet, you can have an unlimited number of lines. This translates to huge savings on set up and maintenance costs.

How Does It Work?

A traditional landline uses the phone company’s copper wires to transmit voice. Cloud phone services use your company’s internet connection to convert and transmit voice as data. Most of us are familiar with Skype, which is Cloud-based technology. But while Skype is most commonly used by individuals, we at Huge Connect leverage the same technology, but on a larger scale, for your business.

Key Advantages of Cloud Telephony Services for SMEs

  • Portability – Now you don’t have to be at your desk to take a non-cellular call. Answer on your IP phone, laptop or tablet, wherever you are. You can also use your cell phone as an extension of your office phone. Have calls forwarded to your cell, or make calls from your cell and have them appear as if they’re coming from your office number. This is invaluable for remote employees, or sales people who are often out visiting clients.
  • Flexibility – Manage your account and phone system on the fly, via a smartphone app. Or have your calls automatically forwarded to your cell phone at weekends or after hours.
  • Accessibility – We offer many advanced accessibility features, including the facility to have your voicemails converted to text and sent to you via SMS or email. This is very useful if you’re in meetings or at a conference, where taking calls and listening to messages isn’t possible, or if you are hearing-impaired.
  • Future-Proof – Traditional landline technology is obsolete, and no further enhancements or developments will come out of this particular stable. With Cloud Telephony services, there are continuous improvements and technical enhancements, all of which we pass on to you without you having to invest in upgrades or costly new equipment.

When it comes to running your SME successfully, it’s important to understand that technology has advanced to the point where Cloud Telephony services aren’t just a possible alternative to traditional landlines – they’re a complete and viable replacement. Huge Connect’s Cloud Telephony service means you don’t have the responsibility of managing and maintaining your system. We do it all for you, at a highly affordable cost. When you combine our telephony offerings with our website hosting and Internet services, and back it all up with unmatched technical expertise and unrivalled customer service, you get a complete telecommunications package that’s hard to beat.

Let us help your SME be the best it can be. Contact us today.