Voice Communication


Voice Communication

Hosted PBX

Huge Connect Voice and TELVIVA® offer Cloud telephony and SIP solutions, meaning you can get on with your business while trusting us to look after your telephony.  You can even keep your existing landline telephone number.  Offering outstanding value for money, our systems give you significant savings on call costs, with only a small initial capital outlay.

Thanks to our proactive management and monitoring, you don’t need the in-house technical expertise that you would normally require for complex traditional PBX or legacy systems.

Other key benefits include:

  • Low set up, installation and maintenance costs;
  • Monthly subscription with flexible contracts (month-to-month) and no hidden costs;
  • Easy to understand interface for easy administration;
  • Reliable and dependable – your hosted system is maintained and monitored 24/7;
  • Convenient – calls can be answered on your laptop, even in remote locations, or forwarded to a cell phone;
  • Eco-friendly – sharing information online reduces paper waste and cuts travel costs;
  • Excellent range of features;
  • Free ongoing software upgrades;
  • Free calls between your connected branches and any other company on the TELVIVA® platform;
  • Hosted PBX means you keep your number irrespective of where you relocate within South Africa;
  • Video conferencing.

Fixed Voice (land line equivalent)

Our fixed voice solution is based on mobile GSM voice technology.  We’ve partnered with our sister company to bring you a landline (desktop or cordless) option that offers lower call charges and faster deployment than traditional landline suppliers.  If you already have a landline, you can port your number to our service, so there’s no need for costly and inconvenient changes to website contact details or business cards.

Huge Connect’s Fixed Location Wireless Phones are paired with our aggressively-priced SIM cards, to provide an instant fixed line replacement service, anywhere that a GSM signal is present.  Choose between desktop or cordless.


  • Makes use of proven GSM technologies.
  • Quick installations.
  • Calls to, and from, all networks.
  • Guaranteed call quality.
  • ICASA-licensed equipment.